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Bonny Spence Dieterich

Bonny Spence Dieterich is an elementary school teacher who, like Greyson, knows how it feels to look a little different, especially in a new place. She was born with cerebral palsy, then became an amputee and wheelchair user in 2007 after she survived osteosarcoma. She is a fierce advocate for experiences and spaces that include EVERYONE.


Bonny wrote Recess Magic to help readers learn new perspectives. Building meaningful relationships with compassion and empathy is so important. When we are kind, everyone wins!

Bonny loves to create things and travel–most of all to the ocean and national parks. She also loves to explore places around Washington, DC, where she lives with her husband.

Andrés Cornejo

Andrés Cornejo is an Argentine illustrator with over ten years of experience creating traditional and digital art. His work is featured in books, advertising, fashion, and video games.

Andrés loves to draw, paint, and learn about art. He also enjoys reading, watching movies, learning new languages, and cooking–especially barbecue and pizza! Outside, Andrés loves to run, ride his bicycle, go to the beach, and travel.

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